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Friday, 21 December 2018

The Amazing Potato Picture That Look Just Like A Duck

A potato looking like a Duck.

Dedontech Photo
Photo: Dedontech
There are thousands of plant species that grow on our planet (EARTH), that possess a huge variation of colours and shapes. They range in size from microscopic that look like snowflakes to giant sequoia trees hundreds of feet tall. Some species have even evolved to look like an entirely different type of living creature altogether, whether as an adaptation that provides an evolutionary advantage or just as a happy quirk of nature. Either way, here’s a selection of plants that we think look a lot like animals. In this case we have a Potato that looks exactly like a duck.

Potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade Solanum tuberosum. In many contexts, potato refers to the edible tuber, which can also be refer to the plant itself. It was found that this special potato happens to posses the shape of a duck, which apparently made it "An amazing Potato Duck". Something it looks funny and amazing to see some plants having the shape of an animal, and you beginning to imagine, what does nature's hold about this plant that made it to look like animal. Anyways, we can't judge that because we're humans and not the creator, God is the creator of every living thing.
So, he knew the mystery behind every living thing, what we just have to do is to admire and appreciate nature.

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