Christmas Celebrations and style of dishes

In the yuletide celebration, especially in Nigeria, it is certain that every house hood make “special delicacy” and cuisines to celebrate Christmas. Egusi soup is also one of the most popular soups, if not the most popular for all Nigerians and non-Nigerians that like Nigerian.

Egusi Soup is a very popular Nigerian Soup so if you decide to serve a 
"fufu and semo recipes" ensure that Egusi Soup is beside it.Jollof Rice is another special delicacy cooked and enjoyed by most Nigerians.

It is a special way to serve Jollof Rice in the festive season most especially during the Christmas celebrations.

They are hundredths of different kinds of “foods and recipe” which are been prepared during “Christmas celebration” by different tribes of people in Nigeria to mark “December 25 Christmas celebration”. Here are some of the most popular Nigerian food and dishes that are often prepared during the Yuletide
  • Jollof Rice
  • Porridge Beans
  • Eguisi Soup and Eba
  • Rice and Stew
  • Porridge Yam
  • Edikaikong Soup
  • Banga Soup
How would you like to celebrate your Xmas? Celebrating Christmas with “Nigerian food” is a memorable one you can never forget

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