Political Salt and Pepper campaign in Africa.

Since the return of democracy to Nigeria in May 1999, vote buying has steadily grown in scale and brazenness. Several videos and images have emerged, showing unabashed sharing of cash, food and valuable items among the electorate by politicians and parties during elections.

Political Salt and Pepper Campaign" in Nigeria is no longer a news that in electoral process in recent times, “the people” who are “the electorate” are in one way or the other, been dulled with little items politicians called Salt and Pepper, just to buy their votes by so called politicians seeking for political offices.

Over the years,  many politicians had come out with several campaigns promises, which at the end of their tenures they failed to fulfills this promises they had made during their manifestation.


Therefore, we see ‘Political salt and pepper campaign’ as the process by which politicians are bribing the electorates to vote for them by providing them with “pepper and salt” only, when it comes elections time, for them to win their votes. In Nigeria today, pepper and salt campaign is a common thing been experience during political campaigns during election period.

Politicians believes that the people needs this token of items for their survive, and that which is also their basic needs. When politicians are seeking power the present to be the trustworthy and pretend to be on the side of the common man. Meanwhile, they have hidden agenda that will only be for their own personal gain and not for the interest of the people.

In this article, electorate should know that their votes is their right and power and they should make it count by choosing the right candidates or leaders that will represent their common interest for “good governance”.

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