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Kaduna State Body Builder and Macho - Naziru Muh'd Abdullahi .

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Body Builder in Kaduna

Naziru Muh'd Abdullahi is a Kaduna state body builder. He is from Unguwan Shanu, Kaduna, and He a student of “Ahmadu Bello” University Zaria. Nasiru is a young energetic man, whose passion is to become a super role model, and when it comes to giving compliments about his body structure by admirers, especially when you don’t personally know him. But for Naziru, he is a well known body builder in Kaduna.

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Nasiru who is a “body builder and gymnast”, at his leisure time, he spend most of is time in a “gymnastic center”, where he does his body building work for fitness and good look. Most people comments about Nasiru always goes like this Wow, you look so photogenic! or Wow, you look so spectacular!. Celebrate the efforts and time putting into taking care of himself to feel worth the praise is paramount.

His favourite gyming place is Murtala Square Kaduna, a place he has chosen for his physical training and body buildup. Naziru is a real Macho (masculine in appearance and manner). Perhaps, you may want to invite him to show up in your event or occasion.

Naziru was born on the 4th May, 1994 in Kaduna state.

Height: 1.74m.

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