Kaduna State Online Shopping Business Is On The Go


Online shopping in Kaduna

Kaduna state online shopping; the recent introduction of “online shopping” website in Kaduna by “Kudyunus Bislar” General Merchant has made everything thing about “shopping” easy and convenient for the people of state. As the people of the state prefer buying “Fast Consumer Moving Goods (FCMG)" online and to save them from the stress of going to the market to buy this “FCMG's products”. Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. Are you looking to find the best online stores in Kaduna across variance of products such as cosmetics, bedspread drinks, provisions and lot more.

Kudyunus Bislar, actually did a very good job by making shopping more convenient and easy in Kaduna. As it is also a delivery to your doorstep of goods and products purchased from their website to the customers doorstep. If you are living in Kaduna state, you can visit

FCMG Products are categorized in to two groups, which are:
1. Provisions
2. Drinks

The products that fall under the Provisions section includes: Indomie Noodles, Supergetti, Peak Milk, Bournvita, Rice (Abadini Rice), 3crowns Milk, Semovita, and Tomatoes Paste, etc.

The products that falls under the drinks sections includes: Pepsi, Coca Cola, Maltina, Amstel Malta, Dubic Malt, Vitavite Multivitamins Drink, Freshyo Yoghurt, Bobo Milk Drinks, Nutri-milk Drink, and Farm Pride Juice, etc.

Kudyunus BislarGeneral Merchant website at www.kudyunusbislar.com.ng to shop online.
Kudyunus Bislar social media handle:
Facebook @kudyunusbislar.com.ng
Instagram @kudyunusbislar
Twitter @kudyunusbislar

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