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Sunday, 27 January 2019

The Importance Of The Novel Sweet sixteen For Jambites

Sweet sixteen is a novel written by Bolaji Abdullai.
Bolaji Abdullahi is a Nigerian Politician and Journalist from Kwara State. He was part of the cabinet that served under the former President of Nigerian, Goodluck Jonathan when he was appointed as the Honourable “Minister of Youth Development” in July 2011 and later as the “Minister of Sports”.
A complete summary of Sweet Sixteen 2019 JAMB Novel. The important fact in the Novel.
Author of Sweet Sixteen: Bolaji Abdullahi

Genre: Genre means a type of art, literature, or music characterized by a specific form, content, and style. The Genre of Sweet Sixteen is Fiction

Number of Pages: 157

Publication Year: Sweet sixteen was published on February 1, 2017.


Aliya has to constantly remind her father that she is not a child but ‘a young adult.’ He does not always agree with her. But now that she is turning sixteen, he is sitting up and taking notice. The expected birthday card from him is replaced by a present and no holds barred letter – a page for each year she has lived.

Summary of Sweet Sixteen...

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