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I Will Not Allow Edo People To Be A Pawn In Anybody's Political Chess Game | Obasaki

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Edo People will not be Pawn by Anybody's - Godwin Obaseki

The Governor of Edo state Godwin Obaseki in a short video on his Facebook Page account, that includings him and his cabinet member, following the recent crisis in the State House of Assembly, by the plan of Federal House of Representatives to take over  the affairs of the state House of Assembly. This which came on the matters of public importance brought by Honorable Julius Ihovbare, for the need to correct constitutional breach by the state government.

Obaseki, who stated this in a short video and said: "Thoroughly embarrassing, at the center we have our own person who is suppose to superintend the affair of the state as representative. Even if your "children" are "fighting" and you can not come and save or settle them, then what authorities do you have", as a member representing the state. 

Obaseki's statement, “I will not allow Edo State to be a Pawn in Anybody's Political Chess Game", he said.
Watch Governor Godwin Obaseki  speech "Political Chess Game" on Facebook

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