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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Abadini Rice Recruiting For The Position Of Sales Person

Abadini Rice Recruitment 2019

Abadini Rice is a Nigerian company that processes and packaging of Nigerian home grown rice, which is processed with high standards and with a reliable quality-controlled environment. Abadini Rice grains are clean, delicious, "healthy and free from stone and preservatives". The Abadini team are committed to providing high-quality rice and maize that’s free of chemicals, stone and preservatives. Our rice products are healthy and cost-effective, while remaining organic and uncompromising on flavour. According to some sources, Rice in Nigeria is produced on roughly 2.5 million hectares of land. This land mass is just shy of Brazil's 2.9 million hectares of land.  

Brazil is still counted as one of the biggest Rice producers in the world. In fact, it is, according to some sources, the tenth largest producer of rice in the world. Companies like Abadini Rice are helping bridge the gap and set unprecedented benchmarks and records. Abadini's company is based in Benue state with their head office in the FCT Abuja. Abadini enjoys a close proximity to the source of one of the most enjoyable rice strains in the country. With its characteristic brown colouration and tendency to cook into a soft texture quite easily, this rice strain can be used to prepare many different delicious rice dishes. which also ranges widely from the pride of Nigeria (Jollof Rice) to rice and stew or even fried rice. It has branches in every region of the country. Abadini Rice currently has a presence in every region in the country. The success of the brand is chiefly due to the fact that it delivers on its brand integrity.
Rice processing in Nigeria
Nigeria has experienced an upsurge of processing mills all over the country. Most of these mills are locally operated and managed. Prior to the mechanization of this process, the production of rice suffered considerably. The production suffered chiefly due to manual labour and poor end product. The consumption of Rice in Nigeria sees an increase of between 4 - 10 per cent yearly. This means that the market size also increases and the business opportunities for millers like Abadini Rice also increases with that. Abadini Rice has a highly mechanized production process and on-site power generation capacity that helps it cater to the needs of its factory.

Abadini rice is currently recruiting to fill the position of Sales.

Job Title: Sales person
Location: Lagos state
Interest candidate should submit their CV to jenniger.ajavon@abadini.com Application closing date: August 23, 2019.

Job Status:

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