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Kaduna Got Talent: Some Students in Kaduna State Make An Incredible Video

Kaduna born Students the first of its kind to produced Hollywood kind video with special effects.

Eight talented students in Kaduna state teamed up together to learn special video effects from a video tutorials on YouTube to make a short world class video using a broken screen smartphone as the camera with a broken microphone into their tripod and opted for an improvised hairdryer to initiate the heavy winds.

The students also defied regular internet and power outages and deployed video editing “techniques” into their production processes to portray the desired movie scenes while standing in front of just a green studio fabric. In an interview with Reuters, Raymond Yusuf, a member of the team and a student, spoke on the crew’s success strides and noted that their efforts have not been without challenges. "The computer is really slow. Like, it takes time to render. A five-minute short film took us almost two days to render. Apart from this, electricity here is pretty poor," Yusuf explained.

The young filmmakers have made a name for themselves online, a feat that could potentially earn them lucrative careers in the Nollywood industry as professional film producers.

The crew’s ingenuity earned them the support of a popular producer in the country who initiated a fundraising campaign in their name and amassed them nearly $6000 with which to purchase new equipment for more quality films.

Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna governor, who recently invited the team, praised their creativity. He also offered them government support and constituted a team of senior officials to work out “the details with their families.”

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