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Not All ATMs That Dispenses Multiple Of ₦200 Notes Not Until I Found One

Looking for a bank ATM machine that dispenses 200 Naira note denominations.

Picture of Bank ATM dispensing ₦200 Note
ATM machine in Kaduna despenses lower cash denomination. How I found the the ATM that gives out ₦200 cash in Kaduna. To find ATM machine with ₦200 is very rare. Perhaps, if they should be any other banks, which I haven't come across for quite a while that despenses such denomination. To say the least, the only ATM I have seen is that of UNION BANK. Which I would rather say, the only bank “ATM machine” that dispenses two hundred naira note denomination.

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Nowadays, you hardly find ATM's that dispenses such kind of amounts in there banking system. That's the ₦200 notes. As a matter of fact, it is just fewer banks ATM machines that “dispenses” ₦200 from their machine. If you are looking for ₦200 notes, kindly walk to the machine and cashout your ₦200 in plain.

Like a movie, as a surprised to see a combination of ₦200 and ₦500 notes in an ATM. I felt and reminisced when “ATM's machine” came into town, where you can actually “withdraw all naira denominations”. At first, I taught they could be no Bank ATMs in Nigeria that will be dispense a minimum of ₦200 note again from their ATM machine.

Not until I visited (“Union Bank” along Ahmadu Bello way before Kano road ATM spot Kaduna) to make a withdrawal. There, I was able to withdrawn a combinations of ₦200 naira and ₦500 note denomination.
I honestly do not believe this at first, but I had no choice that to believe it, because I have withdrawn from the machine. While others bank ATMs machines are dispensing multiple of ₦1000 and ₦500 in some cases. It is very rare to see an ATM machine dispensing ₦200 or ₦100, all your can see mostly, is the once that dispenses ₦1000 and ₦500.

So, if you're looking for an ATM machine that despensing ₦200(naira) notes you can as always visit "Union Bank" ATM's Machine, the only bank that is dispensing ₦200 naira not in recent time.

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