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N-Power To Start The Registration of 400,000 Beneficiaries In June 2020.

N-Power portal re-open for the registration of 400,000 new beneficiaries that will be absorb to the scheme, from the application pool. The “N-power registration” will begin online on the 26 June, 2020. Npower also said on there social media platforms, that the design of the programme has been altered for greater efficiency. Do you desire lifelong skills to become solutions providers in your community?

Past beneficiaries are not allowed to registered for the second times, only newers. The age limit is from 18 years to 35 years of age that are eligible to apply. Already employed persons are not eligible for the N-Power 2020 registration.

Here are some of the tips to get ready :
1. Get your BVN ready.
2. Ensure you are are not an existing employee in any organization.
3. Application is online so ensure when you are applying, you have good internet service.

How Apply for the Npower 2020 Recruitment:

The starting of the Batch C Npower enrollment is sequel to far-reaching consultations and a review of the submissions on the reform and realignment of the programme for greater efficiency.

Batch C is also being enrolled to provide opportunities for more Nigerian youths to access the programme, as part of effort by the President’s vision of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty by creating opportunities that will enhance the productivity of the Nigerian youths for entrepreneurship.

Application opening date: 26th June 2020

How to apply:

Interested and eligible Nigerian youth should visit:


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