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Many Nigerian's Rejoice As Price Of Tubers Of Yam Drops

Come rain, come shine, man most eat. It is a good new for Nigerian's as many can boldly go to the market and buy 4 tubers of yam for as low as ₦500.

Many Nigerian's rejoice for the fact that, they can now majestically go to the market to buy tubers of yam without the fear of exorbitant in the price. It could be recalled that, in the last couple of months, the price of Yam was not something one can say let me close my eyes and just buy. But the story now is different due to the drop in the price of Yam Tubers.

In some of the markets in Kaduna, naijatal212 met with residents that lament on the drop in the price of yam, as they can now buy 4 Tubers of yam for just ₦500.

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