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How To Meet Up With Train Scheduled From Kaduna To Abuja Without Missing Out

Abuja to Kaduna train Schedule

The Nigerian railway corporation has upgraded the Abuja to Kaduna train service with the addition of two trains and 10 more coaches making the system much faster than before. Therefore, "Boarding a train from Abuja to Kaduna" will only take you some few hours. With standard schedule time-table you can arrive at the train station on time before departure.

It is absolutely sharp thing for you do, all you have to do is to "arrive at the train station 1 hour 30 minute before the departure schedule".

To meet up with the train schedule from Abuja to Kaduna, we have a comprehensive time of arrival and departure of train from Abuja to Kaduna. To board for a train ticket from Abuja to Kaduna, kindly visit the train station either at IDU or KUBWA station, Abuja for your tickets.
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Simple Way To Help Meet Up With Train Scheduled From Kaduna To Abuja

1st Trip AK1 7:00 AM 7:14 AM 7:17 AM 9:15 AM
2nd Trip AK3 9:50 AM 10:02 AM 10:07 AM 12:01 PM
3rd Trip AK5 2:20 PM 2:36 PM 2:46 PM 5:00 PM
Last Trip AK7 6:00 PM 6:12 PM 6:15 PM 8:20 PM

Note: Rotate on mobile to see full detail of departure and arrival chart...

Train Names

These are the names of train that runs on the Kaduna Abuja rail: AK1/AK3/AK5/AK7 FOR MON/TUE/THUR/FRI/SAT/SAT/SUN. WHILE AK1/AK7 FOR WEDNESDAY.

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